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Coastal Bend College

Coastal Bend College is a student centered community college committed to delivering superb educational and life enriching opportunities to its students and the communities it serves.

Coastal Bend College is a leader in providing quality education for lifelong learning by dedicating its resources to promoting a learning-centered environment that empowers its students to reach their highest potential and become responsible members of the global community.  

Vision 2020 Goals:

•    Coastal Bend College will offer a quality educational experience for all students. 
•    Coastal Bend College will provide comprehensive student services to increase overall student success. 
•    Coastal Bend College will engage students and staff in support of our communities. 
•    Coastal Bend College will effectively and efficiently use resources to benefit our students.

Beeville ISD - Inspiring Bold Innovative Leaders

Beeville Independent School District is located about 60 miles north of Corpus Christi, Texas and approximately two hours southeast of San Antonio. We offer educational opportunities where every student is guided and encouraged to reach his or her full potential.

Our district has six schools and high expectations are established for all students, whose number totals just over 3,500. From our preschool programs through our wide array of high school programs, Beeville schools offer a well-rounded curriculum for students.  We are proud of the variety of educational opportunities we offer our students to learn and excel.

Skidmore ISD

Skidmore-Tynan Independent School District, home of the Bobcats! Skidmore-Tynan is a wonderful place to learn and teach. With a small enrollment, we are able to provide all of our students with a learning environment that meets individual student needs. 

Educating children is our primary purpose. As we create a personal approach to learning for each student, we are reminded that children in our buildings come to us with different gifts and talents. The function of an excellent school system is to create and maintain the expectation that every student will master the state’s curriculum and develop those unique gifts and talents.

Pawnee ISD

Pawnee strives to be the educational leader in our community and surrounding areas by providing a safe environment where students thrive academically and socially.  After completing the Pawnee program, our students are prepared to meet the challenges of a changing society in their expanding world.

St. Philip's Episcopal Church

St. Philip’s Episcopal School seeks to foster growth in scholarship, character, and spiritual formation through a challenging academic environment & nurturing Christian atmosphere.

St. Philip's School is governed by a board, comprised of representatives of the church vestry, the local community, school parents, and members of the church with a special interest in education.  

St. Philip's Episcopal School was established by action of the church vestry in 1954, becoming the first Protestant parochial school in Bee County. The Rev. John Worrell, then the rector of St. Philip's Church, was the first Headmaster.

The school originally had one small section of kindergarten children who attended class in the parish hall. Since then, the school has grown substantially, in both its enrollment and physical plant.  The goal is “Grooming tomorrow’s leaders, today, with the principles of an excellent education, spiritual growth, physical fitness, and respect for themselves and others.”

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